Botanical Essence of the Balearic Islands

There is scarcely another place in Majorca which radiates as much balearic flair as the finca Sa Canova. This is not only due to the fact that it has been so lovingly designed and maintained, but also due to its “residents”: over 200 plant species, including more than 50 fruit varieties, call Sa Canova their home. Over an area of a good 14 hectares of land, native plants – above all almond trees, orange trees and olive or carob trees – grow exclusively in an unbelievable varietal diversity.

However, the finca, which has been created as the “botanical gene database of the island”, is not only a location for plants – the Finca Sa Canova is the origin of many gourmet products of the Castell Miquel brand, an exceptional event location with room for productivity, concentration and inspiration, but also fun, relaxation and recovery. A location where the balance is just right.

School classes, event visitors and day guests learn something new in the medicinal plants garden about the treasures of nature – because Sa Canova is also a place of learning. And after the main station in Palma, the building’s own weather station is the most important data source for meteorological forecasts throughout Majorca.

In the finca’s large industrial kitchen, head chef Julio conjures up regional specialities and enriches every event cookery course with passion and expertise for his guests – from the professional chef to the layman.

Sa Canova is a location for the life of man and nature. And worth a visit in any season!