Herb Garden

Useful Plants with a Healing Effect

In the herb garden of Sa Canova, many well-known and some less well-known herbs grow which are important for healing and maintaining the health of humans. Learn more about the benefits, the ingredients and the processing of these plants – touching is explicitly desired in this garden!

Some of the plants may be familiar to you from your home garden – because plants such as lady’s mantle or echinacea are not only pretty to look at, but also contain valuable ingredients.


On a guided tour of the herbal garden you will learn a good deal about the use of the herbs in the kitchen and the partly very complex processing methods used to make the plant materials suitable for medical applications.

The herb garden was created on the one hand to expand the range of educational offers available to Majorcan schoolchildren, and on the other hand also to give the adult guests a better understanding of the tangible benefits of the plants. Because one matter which is very close to the heart of owner Prof. Michael Popp is to familiarise people with these unique treasures of nature.

By the way: Did you know that many plants contain particularly valuable ingredients only in very small concentrations? For this reason, high-tech procedures are used for the production of herbal pharmaceuticals such as those made by Bionorica SE in order to obtain an efficient and effective extract from the dried plant parts.