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Majorcan schoolchildren at Sa Canova

Things get very busy in the winter months at Sa Canova: every day, Majorcan schoolchildren come to the finca on buses to explore the typical flora and fauna with all their senses. In projects which are appropriate for their age, the children try local herbs and spices, discover which fruits ripen on which trees and which nutrients they require. Because fruits and vegetables do not grow in the supermarket! The children are also taught through play what constitutes a healthy diet.

At the finca’s weather station the children experience how meteorological data is collected and why the forecasts are important. Sa Canova is home to the second largest measuring station for meteorological data in the whole of Majorca!

After all the time they have spent learning, the children then get some exercise and let their hair down on the various swings and roundabouts in the playground. The children are also allowed to use the finca’s extensive grassy areas and swimming pool. This turns the school trip into an adventure and the lessons into a research expedition.

These days out are financed by the Natureheart Foundation, a foundation which is totally dedicated to the children of this world. From healthcare to welfare and learning opportunities, Leon Heart organises and finances numerous projects. Prof. Michael Popp is an expert at making use of synergies: as the owner of the finca and Chairman of the Natureheart Foundation, he considered it a great opportunity to reactivate the educational offerings available at Sa Canova after the programme had been discontinued by the previous owner due to financial difficulties. The children of Majorca are very enthusiastic about the offer.

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