Culinary Enjoyment

Event Catering

Regional specialities of the highest level

Head chef Julio knows the Majorcan cuisine and all of its various facets. And he has access to the best products: Around the Finca Sa Canova, the countryside is particularly fertile and known for its first-class ingredients.

So it is not surprising that Julio’s cuisine reflects seasonal and regional influences. Because the produce which is just now ready for harvesting at Sa Canova and in the surrounding region tastes best. Fresh spices from the finca’s own herb garden, refined essences – distilled by hand – and a big portion of creativity make the catering at Sa Canova a genuine culinary highlight.

Because of his large industrial kitchen, Julio is envied by many chefs in Majorca, because having enough space in the kitchen is a real rarity on the island. But Sa Canova also offers genuine event catering in addition to the professional kitchen! A fresh suckling pig from the grill, live cooking in the Majorcan wood-burning stove on the covered terrace or even an interactive cooking course in the typical Majorcan kitchen are great ways of letting you and your guests participate in the creation of the delicacies. A very special experience that will certainly remain for a long time in your memory!

Cookery Courses

Home-made with professional support

A culinary experience that is in a class of its own awaits your guests: On an interactive cookery course you prepare a delicious meal together with first-class chefs. Ingredients that have just been harvested, fragrant herbs and professional expertise guarantee that your efforts will be successful. And the shared experience forms a connection between all of those taking part. From the layman to the professional, we offer individual cooking classes at Sa Canova. What distinguishes the courses from one another is the level of difficulty – but not the enjoyment factor. Why not give it a try and experience the magic of Majorcan cuisine first-hand?